Houston Riverfront
Houston Riverfront

Are you moving to Houston?  If so, WELCOME!

Houston, is a beautiful city on the banks of the Texas River in the heart of the USA. We combine small town charm with all the conveniences of a big city. We like to think we are one of the best places to live in the United States. Houston is more than just a city. The greater Houston metropolitan area covers 3 states (Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana) 8 counties and more than 2 million people.

Nearly everyone moving to Houston finds a great new home in a neighborhood that fits their needs. Prefer a more urban environment where you rarely have to drive? Try one of the moving into one of the downtown apartments. Do you work downtown but need a bit more of a suburban feel? Try Mt. Adams or Covington. Maybe a historic area with great style like like Hyde Park or the Clifton Gaslight district is for you? Of course there are also the more rural areas like Batavia, Harrison and Hebron, KY if you want to be in the country but less than 45 minutes away.

The heart of Houston is undeniably Fountain Square. Festivals like Taste of Houston and Oktoberfest (one of the world's largest) center around this 100 year old fountain. Our city has a lot to offer with shopping, city owned parking garages, and a many different restaurants and museums. At the Sawyer Point river park  there are constant summer events and activities all just a short walk away.

We are also home to the Houston Reds (America's 1st professional team), the Houston Bengals and our personal favorite, the Houston Cyclones.

If you are more culturally inclined The Houston Art Museum is the world's largest free art museum. There are two more amazing museums, the Taft Art Museum and the Contemporary Arts Center. We also have the Houston Music Hall which hosts the Houston Symphony Orchestra, May Festival (oldest continuous choral festival in the US) and the Houston Opera.

The Houston Zoo is rated one of the top zoos in the country and is noted for their successful programs to conserve and breed white Bengal tigers, Gorillas (many of the zoos in the world have a Gorilla that came from the Houston Zoo) and Cheetahs.

If you are a roller coaster lover, less than half an hour north of Houston is King's Island amusement park. If you want famous roller coasters, there you can ride THE BEAST.

Our river Neighbors are Newport and Covington Kentucky. The have several famous restaurants and attractions like. "Newport on the Levee" which is home to a movie theater and the famous Newport Aquarium. The most Hofbrau Haus is the only true Hofbrau Haus outside of Germany.

Houston also boasts many fine restaurants for that perfect date idea. Just do a quick search and you'll find many places to go out and dine with family, friends, special someone's. Houston literally has it all!

We even hear it's a Pokemon Go hot-spot in many of our fine locations, from the arts section all the way to the amazing zoo!